4 Activities An Adventurous Pup Can Participate In

Have you noticed that your dog always seems prepared for an adventure? Perhaps you take your best friend on a trek, and rather than staying on the course, your dog is running to and fro the steep mountain sides. Have you observed that when you encounter a body of water, from a swimming pool to a river or the ocean, your pup does not hesitate but jumps or dives right in? If you have an adventurous pup ready for anything, then read on to learn what activities you can plan to keep you and your dog active and further develop the bond you share.

1. Take A Hike

If spending some time in the woods is your thing, your puppy can accompany you the next time you go hiking. He will love the sights, smells and sounds of the great outdoors. Please check with your veterinarian before you do, as your dog needs to be at least sixteen weeks old and fully vaccinated before you head out with him. Make sure your pup has Dog health insurance. He will also need to be leash trained, so you can keep track of him and avoid rugged terrain the first few times you take him out. Please start with the more accessible trails, so he doesn’t get too tired, and be prepared with Medical aid for dogs. In a few hikes, your puppy will get used to navigating the trail, and the adventures can begin.

2. Biking

Many dogs love to tag along while their owners ride. Since allowing your dog to run free can be dangerous, you can buy bicycle attachments that tag the dog to the bike while stopping him from running right after and getting hurt. Don’t get too far during your ride, however. Stop regularly for breathers, and don’t go too fast. Dogs will apply every ounce of energy to keep up with yours. Remember that dogs endure more from heat than we do and can sag at temperatures we find pretty pleasant.

3. Camping

You can hit it up a notch from hiking and take your puppy camping too.

But you should avoid walking too much in the beginning and start slow. Ask your veterinarian about Lyme disease and add the required vaccination. Also, you should have a Dog health insurance in case of any dog medical aid. You’ll have to check beforehand whether the camp allows pets and pack plenty of water and food. A tent that is all the way closed is a must, so he doesn’t roam out on his own during the night. It’s essential to keep your puppy on a leash or a sturdy rope at all times when you’re camping, but don’t forget to play a game of catch with them and have a great time.

4. Swimming

Swimming is another excellent training for pups. It’s basic, so it doesn’t pressure the joints of aged or arthritic animals. It also works many muscles at once. While all dogs aren’t natural swimmers, most can learn to enjoy it. By the way, it’s beautiful for dogs to swim in chlorinated pools, just as you do—ensure they are guided. The ocean is a different matter. You should never allow a dog into the sea. Because it might end up being dangerous for your furry friend.

You’re now set to take your pet out with you on an adventure. Don’t forget that a growing dog needs a lot of nutrition, so always bring food and water with you. Water is essential when it’s summer outside. Simply carrying a bowl and a large bottle of water will do. And that’s it! You and the puppy are now ready for whatever adventures you choose.