5G Applications with Mobile Network testing & Wifi/Wireless Site Survey Software

5G is a new addition to wireless mobile networks and the fifth generation of the network in the world. 5G is known to increase speed, lower network latency, higher bandwidth, and improve the flexibility of wireless services. 5G is much faster than previous network generations, i.e., potentially 100 times faster than 4G. Using 5G, people across society can contribute to building a safer, and more secure future, for example- at a concert where a large number of attendees enjoy the event but still receive outstanding cell phone coverage for calling, video streaming, and using internet-based applications like social networking. Autonomous vehicles will communicate, upload, and download information will be possible while on the road in real-time only through 5G networks. So, now let us see use cases of 5G in Industry Applications & Real-Life Examples along with Reliable Mobile Network Monitoring Tools, Mobile Network Drive Test Tools, Mobile Network Testing Tools and Reliable Best wireless site survey software, site survey tools for wireless networks & Wifi site survey software app in detail.

Some of the 5G application areas are –

  1. Emergency Communications.
  2. Data Analytics.
  3. Factories of the Future.
  4. Health Care.
  5. OSS-BSS Impact.
  6. LTE Broadcast Multicast.
  7. Power Electronics.

Industry Applications: –

Artificial Intelligence: Today’s digital world is operating with bulks of data, artificial intelligence is being applied to these immense amounts of data by several industries and 5G has the capability that can really activate the process. For instance, a smart traffic management system with 5G can be managed to control vehicle congestion or route emergency vehicles. Similarly, smart cities can get data from smart sensors to act effectively at the moment of need.

Healthcare: Healthcare networks include multiple medical machines, and monitoring devices that reach thousands of square feet, therefore medical devices should remain secure but easy to use and patient data in the hospitals must remain confidential but accessible to the right staff, in these cases, 5G can be used enormously. 5G technology with a reliable wireless network will support medical practitioners to perform advanced medical procedures even connected to another side of the globe. Hospitals use IoT sensors on 5G networks not only to track the performance of medical hardware but also their location and when the equipment needs to be repaired. Managers can also even use such data to understand inventory levels for equipment such as insulin pumps, ventilators, crash carts, and EKG machines.

Entertainment: When it comes to providing reliable network access in entertainment venues such as stadiums, and music/dance concert outdoor locations, they do face a considerable network connectivity challenge. Here, the 5G network can cover large areas which have a high number of devices to support, thus entertainment businesses can ensure reliability and speed in the venues.

Real life examples are as follows:

  • When it comes to transform tourist attraction, Azoomee/Da Vinci (a media company focussing on children’s entertainment) is providing a new Augmented Reality (AR) experience, which enables tourists to experience digitally enhanced environments of Vienna’s Rathaus building as they move through in real.
  • 5G in China airport is being used to deliver 5G in the new Chengdu Tianfu International Airport as China Mobile Chengdu has used Huawei’s 5G distributed MIMO solution.
  • AeroFarms and Nokia Bell Labs are two companies engaged in expanding their joint capabilities in cutting-edge networking 5G for monitoring indoor farms. With 5G, both the companies can manage autonomous systems, and machine learning technologies not only to identify but also to track plant interactions at the most advanced levels.


5G is one of the most sophisticated wireless technologies which will revolutionize the entire area where the wireless network can be used for efficient as well as secure communication – 5G will enable many new applications in urban areas and cities. Hence, network infrastructure needs continuous testing on 5G/4G coverages. Here comes RantCell, which is designed to identify QoE-related network problems automatically and remotely. So, if you are looking for a network testing and measurement solution, you can use RantCell pro app by installing it on your Android or iOS devices.