6 tips to avoid home lockouts in Las Vegas

Dealing with a house lockout is a tedious, stressful process and can be quite tragic for some people if they have something happening inside the home, such as a pot boiling over or an appliance on. And clearly, there is nothing we can do but solve the incident after suffering it, but, maybe we can slightly reduce the possibility of going through such a process with a couple of actions, or maybe make it less burdensome. 

Today we are going to give you nine tips on how you can decrease the possibility of being faced with a lockout and that will probably help you with other features of your security.

Have spare keys

Many times we trust ourselves and say that this is definitely not going to happen to us, that we will always be able to access our home and that we are not stupid enough to lose or leave our main key inside our house. But, you never know, what if it doesn’t happen specifically to you, but to someone who was going to do you a favor and to whom you gave the key? 

And not only can it turn out that you leave your key inside the house, it can also get broken, rusty, and you may even need someone to watch your house while you’re away. This and many other reasons should motivate you to make a copy of your keys

Have the contact of a locksmith previously investigated.

In such a moment of desperation we will not be attentive to who we hire and who we don’t, so it is better that you look for once in advance the person who will give you a real quality service to avoid hiring a scammer out of a feeling of desperation. Remember that opening a door without damaging it is a very delicate process, you should prioritize a licensed specialist.

Decide on a place to keep a copy of the key.

We recommend that you make two copies of the key. Put one inside your home, in a well-hidden place, and the other one outside your home, i.e. with a trusted neighbor, a relative, your partner, your parents, etc. So that when you stay outside, you have a way to get in. And in any other situation have the key inside your home to counteract. 

Maintain your locks

Most home lockouts derive from an internal problem with the lock or the breakage of the key inside the cylinder, and this through the little maintenance we do. By greasing our locks or seeking professional help if we see small malfunctions we can avoid an unpleasant moment.

Switch to a smart lock

You might be surprised to learn that a current lock probably wouldn’t give you these kinds of problems. You see, smart locks usually have two types of opening: a manual one (key) and the main one which is usually by facial recognition/, numerical code, motion sensors, etc. So if you lose one opening option, you’ll always have the other one watching your back.

Have your keys removed by a true professional to avoid breakage.

Always, ALWAYS have your keys made by a specialist who has up-to-date machines and the best materials. If you have your keys copied by anyone, they may turn out to be defective and when you need them, you will realize what a rip-off they are and make your day worse.