Becoming an Expert at Mobile Legends: Bang Bang’s Clint, the Cowboy-Style Shooter

In Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, players have the option to choose the Cowboy Marksman, Clint, as a hero. This character requires skill chaining to unleash his full potential, making him a high-damage hero. If you are interested in learning more about his abilities, builds, and gameplay strategies, then this guide is for you.

The Proficiency of Clint

Clint is well-known for his capabilities. His skills have been highly regarded and praised by many. He has the ability to take on a variety of tasks and complete them in a timely and efficient manner. His expertise in problem-solving and his knack for coming up with creative solutions make him an asset in any situation. He is an excellent leader and communicator, which makes him a great asset to any team.

Clint has abilities that augment his primary attacks and give him increased mobility, enabling him to go in and out of combat rapidly. His signature passive ability, Quick Draw, strengthens his next basic attack after utilizing a skill by dishing out 120% damage that passes through foes in a line. The beginning of the piercing attack is from the original attack range, and the range is extended to the endpoint. This ability adds extra damage and range to Clint’s strikes.

His initial technique, Blind Smoke, launches a smoke bomb that inflicts 150 physical damage within a radius, cuts the movement speed of enemies by 60%, and diminishes their accuracy with basic attacks by 25%. This skill is particularly useful, as most heroes possess 100% accuracy with their basic attacks, and it is a typical slowing and damaging skill.

Clint’s second talent, Grenade Shot, launches a rope forward that inflicts 140 physical damage and reduces the speed of adversaries. The most imperative part of this ability is the displacement effect that permits Clint to hastily retreat without needing to precisely target his course. The distance that Clint moves away is commensurate to the extra range provided by his passive. If the foe does not move, Clint can still strike them with his basic attacks while withdrawing.

Clint’s ultimate, Howitzer, releases a grenade that detonates on contact, resulting in 230 physical damage in a limited area. It is able to store up to five charges. This ultimate was created to accompany his passive skill. When Clint uses Howitzer after a basic attack, he can cause immense damage due to the increased range and damage of his passive. A cooldown of 10 seconds applies to each grenade, and a two-second interval is between each grenade launch. In theory, Clint can launch six rounds of his ultimate and basic attack combination while remaining in one spot, though it is contingent on the current situation.

Creating Item Sets

Building up an item set is an essential part of playing any hero in the game. It is important to consider what items you should buy for the hero you are playing and what the optimal build is for each situation. Doing so can give you an advantage in the game and help make sure you are successful.

The proficiency of Clint is a reminder that technique and combining basic strikes are essential. Being mana-less greatly diminishes the amount of damage he is able to do. Hence, it is suggested that item builds should support him with amplified basic attack damage, as well as providing assistance, damage, and lifesaving items.

For those looking to bring out the best in Clint when playing Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, the following item builds are suggested. Nevertheless, it is essential to be flexible and tailor your item builds to the situation.

– Mobile Legends: Bang Bang: This equipment provides an extra boost in damage for his regular strikes post utilizing an ability, increasing his own speed, and ensuring full synchronization with Clint’s skills.

– When Clint uses Thunder Belt, his standard strikes receive a damage boost and the enemy is slowed. This item set is perfectly compatible with all of his skills.

– Swift Boots: Clint’s movement velocity is increased by 50 with this piece of equipment, granting him improved assist and evading capabilities.

– Blade of Despair: This selection of items enhances physical attack power, the likelihood of a critical hit, and the damage output caused by a critical hit. Additionally, when a critical hit is achieved, the user is given a temporary increase in physical attack speed and movement speed that lasts for 2 seconds.

– Bloodlust Axe: This equipment set can augment physical attack, attack speed, and the probability of a critical hit. Plus, it provides a bonus to attack speed and critical hit rate when one has already scored a critical hit.

– Immortality: This set of items increases both health and magic protection and gives the hero a shield that will remain active for 3 seconds after their death, providing a chance for them to come back to the battle.

The concept behind this item set-up is to prioritize basic attack damage first, and then to augment supportive and escape skills for enhanced offense and concluding with a life-preserving item. The Immortality item is an outstanding choice for saving one’s life, but since it has a long cooldown, players should be wise when employing it. This item build has low durability, which implies that gamers have to be cautious and stay alongside their tanks to prevent being taken off guard.

Approaches for Playing the Game

Different strategies can be employed when playing a game. These tactics can range from how to approach a certain situation to how to win the game. By utilizing the right tactics, a player can increase their chances of success.

Clint is a powerful hero that needs players to use his abilities to chain his basic attacks together. His passive grants him supplementary reach and damage on his basic attacks, making him a powerful adversary. However, his high mana cost means that he cannot remain in a long fight without blue buffs. As a result, players need to control their mana and pick their skill usage with care.

Clint’s talents grant him terrific maneuverability, making him a great champion for advancing and getting away. Players should capitalize on his displacement capability and withdraw swiftly when they’re in peril. Nevertheless, they need to be attentive when retreating as they might be trapped by adversaries if they don’t keep an eye out for their environment.

Clint’s ultimate attack can be used in conjunction with his passive ability to cause extensive harm. After a regular strike, Howitzer should be employed to make the most of the extra range and damage from his passive. This ultimate has a 10-second cooldown between each grenade, and there is a lag of 2 seconds between grenade shots. Players have to be mindful with its utilization as it can consume Clint’s mana at a rapid rate.

Clint is suggested to utilize Inspire in battle, which can enhance his offensive potential by raising his attack speed by 55% and making the following 8 basic attacks ignore the target’s physical defense for 5 seconds. Players should be aware of what’s going on the minimap and make sure to stay close to their tanks to prevent getting ambushed.


In order to make the most out of Clint, players must be mindful of his mana and prioritize the use of his skills. These moves provide him with great maneuverability, making him ideal for pushing forward and fleeing. His ultimate should be used with caution and it’s important to keep an eye on the mini-map to prevent being ambushed. If these tips are followed, Clint can be mastered and become a formidable adversary in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. Of course, there are other strong shooter heroes available, the Android emulator, Redfinger, offers a detailed list of them.