Cannabis, the new hot ingredient in the beauty industry

While the medical use of “marijuana” is a hot new issue in Thailand. Abroad, marijuana is widely used. Medical and research: Study the application of cannabis extract to a wide range of products, from food, beer, cosmetics, and skincare. Wall Street analysts predict that “cannabis oil extract products” will make up to 645 million euros or 22 billion baht in 2022 (according to market research firm FMI). Extract more hemp oil or CBD Oil.

What is hemp oil extract?

“Cannabis” contains two essential substances. The first is THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol), a substance that has a neuroprotective effect. Make the sensory system work better, makes you feel relaxed and stimulates appetite but if used too much, it can cause a drunken (get high). When extracted in the form of TBC oil, it is applied externally on a specific area and will not absorb into the bloodstream, resulting in no effect on the nervous system. Second is CBD (CBD shop), the oil from the cannabis plant that many believe can cure diseases. It is a soothing substance like THC but does not cause euphoria.

Why is the beauty industry so popular with CBD?

CBD extract has previously been found in serums, lotions, creams, lip balms, mascaras, soaps and medicines to treat skin diseases. But with the laws of many countries, that still cannot be imported. Therefore, they may wait to try. But now it’s starting to see more Hollywood celebrities use it, like Kim Kardashian sharing her favourite CBD-infused skincare, Jennifer Aniston carrying CBD oil. Help relax on the go, or Mandy Moore needs lipstick. The perfume went to the ankle massage with CBD oil on the red carpet until it became a sensation. CBD oil available in a CBD shop.

All-in-one beauty solutions

  • Reduce acne and reduce wrinkles

Dr Cherini Idriss from Union Square Laser Dermatology recommends that CBD oil helps nourish the skin and reduce excess oil. Reduce the chance of acne. The oil also has properties to reduce inflammation. and reduce wrinkles as well. Twisted extracts CBD

  • Soothe the skin with inflammation or sensitive skin

Charlotte Ferguson, Anti-Aging Physician The founder of Disciple, one of the brands that use CBD for skincare, says CBD is very soothing to inflamed, acne-prone, and sensitive skin. The best form to use is oil, which is purer than other forms.

What should be noted in products containing CBD?

Start by looking at the ingredient label. Look for CBD, CBD shop, Hemp Extract, and Hemp Extract Oil, as some brands may promote the use of hemp extract. But there is no CBD. In addition to CBD, another substance, Hemp Seed Oil, is extracted from hemp seeds. With the advantages of antioxidants, it is similar to CBD, but the concentration is lower than that of CBD extracted from the stem, leaves, and flowers. Therefore, you need to consider this point and what you want.

They should also choose products that contain ingredients extracted from quality sources: standards and minimal contamination, such as organic certification. Or have a USDA seal of approval, clean, no chemicals, the extraction process is essential. It must be ensured that it is clean and free of chemicals. It should be CBD that has been extracted using ethanol and carbon dioxide. Not just a cold extraction process.

However, many of the myths about cannabis are still relatively new and are waiting for answers from more research. As for the production process and laws in Thailand, what are the steps in producing cannabis cosmetics? Permission to use only extracts obtained from within the country or can be imported from abroad in the future and how to apply for various permits must continue to follow the news.