Correct Ways to Maintain a RO Water Purifier

Installing water purifiers at homes has turned out to be a necessity to prevent health problems. However, many people need more time to spend and consider the best water purifier to purchase. There are multiple technologies for water purification available nowadays, including ultrafiltration, gravity based and reverse osmosis.

The most common option is the RO water purifier which comes with a multistage process for filtration to purify the water. But, it needs regular maintenance and servicing to last for ten years. These are some of the correct ways to maintain your RO water purifier at home so you can get safe and clean drinking water.

Sediment Filter

A sediment filter is one of the primary parts of your water purifier because it serves as a sieve for eliminating impurities from water. Suppose you have a RO Service Jaipur at home. In that case, you will need several filters to eliminate the impurities. The sediment filter is one of the primary filters utilised for eliminating impurities, which is suggested to change once every year. You can go for servicing facilities, and the professional will recommend the perfect time to change your sediment filter.

Replacing the sediment filter is necessary whenever you can see the water flowing down, and the water’s colour is darker. Maintaining the sediment filter will decrease the sediment and safeguard the RO membrane from dust. You can reach out to a professional providing water purification services.

Daily Filter Change

A water purification service professional will help you regularly change the filters because they need to be changed periodically to remove contamination. The contaminants from dirty water start clogging the filter. If the filters are not changed regularly, it can also influence the water quality. The impurities will be transferred to the clean water that you are drinking. It is one of the reasons why you need water purification service as soon as possible.

Carbon Filter

You may need to pay more attention to the carbon filter, but water is also passed within the carbon filter after the sediment filter. It is also called an activated carbon filter that helps remove contaminants and chlorine from water. It would be recommended to change this filter once every year so that it would not affect the functioning of the RO membrane. You can get in touch with a professional providing water purification service so that they can filter out the dirt particles from the carbon filter and change the taste of water because it will be pure.

Preventive Measures

Suppose you want to avoid any issues with your RO water purification system. In that case, you need to ensure that you get the proper servicing from professionals for water purifier service in Jaipur. It will help you get assistance from an expert whenever you need it. They will also provide you with dedicated Maintenance Services annually within a stipulated plan period. It will also include cleaning the water purifier and the tubes and eliminating any impurities. The professionals will also test the water’s hardness and ensure that the water purifier is working smoothly.

RO Membrane

It is one of India’s most essential parts of your RO water purifier. It is a technology for water purification that is productive in decreasing copper, arsenic, nitrides, nitrates, lead, selenium, chromium cadmium, barium, radium, fluorides and total dissolved solids. It will eliminate all of these impurities from water. A professional servicing your water purifier can eliminate these impurities from dirty water and ensure that you receive safe and clean water. For the best results and performance, make sure to replace the membrane once every two years or one year based on your water consumption at household.


These are some of the correct methods for maintaining your RO water purifier. Apart from all the tips and tricks mentioned above, remember to pay attention to expert guidance and service because professionals can take care of your purifier and ensure that you receive clean water every time. They will also ensure that your water purifier is working the best way as a small appliance and provide you with the preventive maintenance you need. Remember to service your water purifier every six months because you need to check the functioning process of the water purification system to get clean water at your home.