Different Types Of Launch Scan Tool

Launch scan tool designed to diagnose problems in a wide variety of vehicles. They can diagnose the latest car models and makes. They can also perform advanced service functions such as oil light and EPB reset, TPS reset, DPF regeneration, and injector coding. These tools also come with a five-year warranty. In this post, you will learn about the different types of these tools.

What is the work of the launch scan tool?

This is a tool that can read ABS SRS codes, gearbox codes, and engine codes. It will also identify several additional issues, including car engine coolant temperature, oil change lights, airbag lights, battery power, fuel pump power, and battery voltage.

Types of the launch scan tool

A Launch scan tool can also read codes from the central computer and reset warning lights. This is a tool that is vital for car maintenance. It has many other features, such as inspection and maintenance tests and O2 sensor tests. It has a built-in 8GB memory and automatically saves scan sessions. It is also compact and has multilingual support. Below we mention the types of launch scan tools available at Alibaba.

Launch X431 PAD

Launch X431 PAD Automotive Diagnostic Tool is compatible with up to 70 car brands. It is easy to use and has a Wi-Fi update feature. It also offers the ability to scan new cars and is pocket friendly. Besides being affordable, it is compact and comes with a nice design.

With advanced features, the LAUNCH X431 CRP479 scanner is an excellent choice for car owners. It is explicitly designed for modern vehicles and supports all ten OBD modes. It can read and clear trouble codes, reset the check engine light, and even display real-time graph data.

The LAUNCH X431 supports the Enhanced Evaporative(EVAP) Test (JE) and the VIN (VIN) (VIN). The tool also has onboard monitoring. This feature makes it convenient for professional technicians. It has four diagnostic modes that you can use to diagnose a wide variety of vehicles.


The LAUNCH CR529 OBD2 Scanner comes equipped with the most commonly used OBD modes and a high-resolution display. It is also easy to use and requires minimal setup. There are no complicated manuals required. Users can easily use this scan tool to diagnose various car models.


The LAUNCH Creader VII+ OBD2 Scanner is the latest generation of scan tools. It is extremely easy to use and provides extensive information about a vehicle’s systems and sensors. It is compatible with vehicles manufactured from 1996 and newer. You can also use it to read engine codes, airbag lights, and battery voltage.


So now you know about the different launch scan tools. These tools are available in large quantities at Alibaba. You can order the tool that you need from them. If you plan to open a car shop, these tools will play an important role in growing your business. You will be able to provide quality car maintenance services with this tool. So you need to get this tool right now for detecting car problems.