DUIs and Background Checks for Employment: Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Not all drivers have clean driving records, and you might not have one either. However, this is because some traffic offenses do not appear on a driver’s record, especially if they are minor. Most drivers have been offenders before but sometimes for not so serious offenses.

Serious traffic offenses such as DUIs can show up on one’s background check. But then, the problem is how these records can affect a person’s life, especially when it comes to being eligible for employment. This article will go deeper into how bad records affect employability.

Let’s get started with it.

How Long DUIs Stay On Background Checks

This is the first question that comes to mind when anyone is convicted of a DUI offense. It can be stressful to have a criminal offense hanging around your neck. Thus, many people want to know how soon they can have their DUI offenses cleared so that their records are clean.

The main reason records from DUI cases matter is because they touch on important parts of our lives. For instance, it can be tricky to secure employment if a background check done by your employer unearths a DUI case. This is one reason to try to avoid such a record.

So, how long will a DUI stay on your background check?

The period for which this record will stay on your background check depends on your state. But it is worth noting that most states keep these records for up to 70–80 years. This means that a DUI record can stay on your background check for a lifetime, depending on your DUI case.

It will help to know the specific period by checking with the authorities in your state. But then, remember that felony DUIs have no other options than staying on your record for a lifetime. If you want to stay safe, then you are better off being convicted of a misdemeanor DUI case.

Can An Employer Hire You If You Have a DUI on Your Record?

Another question you might ask is whether you can get hired with a DUI record. Well, the best way to know how your situation will affect you is to have DUI lawyers look at it. There are many DUI lawyers out there, but finding an expert who knows your state laws will help.

They will look into what your state says about drivers convicted of DUIs. This is especially true in relation to getting hired for jobs that involve a lot of driving. Some states might prohibit it completely, while others won’t. But then, your license must be valid to be allowed to drive.

If your license is revoked, DUI defense lawyers can help you find a way out. For instance, they can suggest filing a DUI complaint and getting the case expunged. That way, you will get your record cleared and your license returned to you so that you can secure employment.

Something else DUI lawyers will look into is your employer’s requirements. Some employers might not lock you out completely, especially if your DUI lawsuit hasn’t concluded yet. Your DUI lawyers can check the employer’s terms and conditions and then help you make a decision.

Employment Considerations for DUIs

Yes, a DUI record in your background check can affect your chances of employment. But there are many more factors that employers consider before locking you out for a DUI. It will be vital to know some of these considerations if you are looking for a job with a DUI record.

  • Your Duties: Employers will look at the roles and responsibilities you will take on in their company. They’ll look at whether your job will require driving a vehicle. Also, they’ll look at whether your job will put you around alcohol or involve dealing with vulnerable people.
  • The severity of your DUI case: DUIs are mainly classified as misdemeanors or felonies. Your potential employer will consider where your case lies. If it is a misdemeanor, they will most likely hire you. However, some employers won’t hire a driver convicted of a felony DUI.
  • The steps taken after charges: You also might get hired if you followed what the court recommended during your sentencing. For instance, you might have been told to attend a rehabilitation program. A potential employer might hire you if you already have done one.
  • How recent your DUI is: An employer will also look into how recent your DUI is. If you were convicted of a DUI many years ago, they might consider hiring you. Your DUI case will weigh more on employment decisions if it is recent, say, from within the past year.

Expunging DUIs Out of Your Records

There are cases where you can have DUIs expunged from your record. However, you need to know the eligibility requirements for expungement of a DUI record in your state. But then it is vital to mention that these eligibility requirements can sometimes be very strict.

You need to file a DUI lawsuit to get your record expunged. Having DUI defense lawyers helps ensure this runs smoothly. They will help you throughout the process, until you appear in court and your case is determined. Be sure to find DUI lawyers with the right experience.

Consent and DUI Background Checks

You might also wonder if employers have the right to do background checks without your consent. Well, a potential employer cannot run a background check on you without your consent. This is illegal, and it also applies to both your current and future employers.

Conclusion: DUIs and Hiring Decisions

This article has explored all you needed to know about DUIs and why DUI lawyers matter. If you had a DUI in your background check, now you know how long you’ll have to stay with it. You also know that getting hired with a DUI is still possible, depending on various circumstances.

We have also looked into how DUIs get expunged from people’s records. If you would like to have yours expunged, then one thing to do is hire good DUI lawyers. Good DUI lawyers know what it takes to have DUI cases dismissed and records in background checks expunged.