Glass blocks glass walls and light walls

In addition to masonry and masonry walls, there are also block walls, glass bricks, glass walls, and gypsum walls or light walls.

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  1. Glass block walls are mostly used as interior walls. The part that needs lighting or decoration for beauty in making glass brick block walls There are precautions similar to brick wall construction. because if the brick wall blocks A rupture occurs. It is difficult to modify, therefore, block masonry walls are popularly done in a not very large area. In the case of building a large area, reinforced concrete tendon columns should be made every 3 meters apart.
  2. Glass wall (Curtain wall) with current technology We can develop construction until the mirror can be used as a wall These glass walls will have different installation styles according to the adhesion of the glass panels, namely

2.1 Glass is attached to the frame only on two sides (two-side supports), usually on the floor or ceiling, while the remaining two sides are left close to the other sheets of glass. This kind of glass adhesion will have problems with glass deflection. which can be prevented by increasing the thickness of the glass Or change the glass mounting to 3 sides or 4 sides as appropriate.

2.2 Glass is attached to the frame only on 3 sides (three-sided support) The mirror is attached to the frame on 3 sides, the other side may be placed floating or connected to other sheets of glass. which is stronger than the first

2.3 Glass attached to the four-sided support frame is the strongest installation style. In the installation of the glass wall one should find a skilled technician to attach to the wall that is a curved glass. It can be done. Just expensive and requires expertise. The installation is very special. When damaged, it is difficult to repair and find a new replacement. Having trouble with repairs later should be avoided.

  1. Gypsum wall or lightweight wall is a wall that is very popular nowadays because it is lightweight, economical and can be installed quickly. To install the light wall must take into account the position Complete switches and sockets because if you want Adding more later will be very difficult. and may cause damage to the wall. There are gypsum walls. short service life and often have problems with humidity Therefore, it is commonly used for interior walls. and wall decoration with frequent modifications for the wall that counts is the shell of that building can consider choosing according to use, taste and needs of each person as convenient

hierarchy in masonry Masonry or concrete block walls thickness in general of masonry wall 10 cm. Bricks on the floor to determine the construction line or to stretch the horizontal line both vertically and horizontally, regardless of what kind of material it is built. Before masonry, Mon (red brick) must be moistened with water. to prevent the brick from absorbing water from the masonry Make the cement dry easily. Each layer of masonry should be alternating lines for strong bonding. or build according to the prescribed form with mortar to fill the entire face with a thickness of not less than 2 cm. Brick wall construction with an area of ​​more than 9 square meters (3×3 meters) must be enclosed. Size 0.10×0.10 m. Two 6 mm. steel clamps and 6 mm. steel casing, 15 cm spacing.

In the case of walls without openings (windows), when half of the wall is built, reinforced concrete beams must be made. In the case of building a wall with door and window openings around the door and Windows must have reinforced concrete tendons around (section size 10 x 10 cm) to prevent diagonal cracks at the corners of the doors and windows.