How to make transparent video animation & illustration

We’re here to help you make the animation process simple and intuitive, letting you focus on the creation of your video. With one tool, you can create polished, original content in minutes, from concept to completion.

Here’s how you can make video animations with transparent backgrounds in no time, with only a few clicks.

But first, what is a transparent video and how you can traditionally create one?

Let’s talk about transparency. If you take a picture with your smartphone, in most cases, the picture is completely black, with the subject or picture object lightened to make it easier to see. A couple of years ago, the standard color of photos was sepia. Click here Mallumusic for more information.

Today, we’re able to see this process as it’s taking place, which means it’s almost impossible to say that the original image is entirely black, because the pixels that make up the picture are alive. In other words, they work and move, and the more you tweak your phone camera, the more detail you can see.

And it turns out, that’s exactly what you can do to your video content, too.

I see transparent videos quite often when I’m scrolling through Pinterest, using a favorite app. And, once I’m in awe of how beautiful the video I’m looking at is, I notice that it’s all black on the bottom and top. Sometimes it has a dark, navy sky that goes along with the scene, and other times, it’s a snowy scene with a deep blue sky. The background is colored a beautiful, contrasting color, making the video visually captivating.

This process of making the background of your video transparent, can be described like the process you’d need to go through if you were trying to add contrast to a picture, so it stands out.


First, you should use an online animation tool that uses vectorial format. This makes it easy to create animations with transparent backgrounds.

If you need to do something that isn’t possible with a simple vector format, you can either use textures and images, or animate layer masks to insert transparent elements.

Once you’re ready to make the animation, simply start using the tool, draw and animate your objects. Each new object you draw will create a new layer masstamilanfree .

Adding transparency

You can make the animation transparent by adding a filter to your project. The following guide explains how to use the Effect > Transparent Filter to create a transparent animation.

Export your SVG animation in video format

After you’ve finished the animation, you should export it in video format. The output format should be either .mov or .mp4.


Making a transparent animation isn’t easy, but it’s not too complicated either. It’s a different process from creating regular video animations, but it’s the same principles. You just need to use a few different tools.

We hope this guide helped you make your first transparent video animation. If you have any questions, make sure to leave them in the comment section below.

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