Interesting Facts About KUCoins, KaraStar

The KUCOIN was established in September 2017 and owned by CEO Johnny Lyu. It is used by more than 11 million users around the globe. Its multi layered security, industry level multilayer encryption, and bank level authentication make it a very secure platform. Its YOY users have increased by about 491%, and it is reported that its number of exchanged users has surpassed 18 million; the statistics indicate that it has grown to be one of the largest exchanges by trade volume. It is expanding through more than 200 countries.


KaraStar is a gaming platform that provides a way to earn money while playing games. It allows users to create a unique and long-lasting Meta verse gaming system while being supported by its investors on a high scale. It is an integral part of Game Fi 2.0, which connects the social life of the users to gaming while earning crypto. It has gained huge popularity by being a part of the Metaverse gaming system. As a result, it is listed on KUCOIN.

Facts About Karastar 

Play And Earn Campaign Of Karastar 

The play and earn campaign of KaraStar is supported by KUCOIN. When KARASTAR was enlisted in KUCOIN, the users from KaraStar were invited to play and earn money from the prize pool of 60,000. Rewards were distributed according to different activities and achievements


Players can create, Buy, Sell, and Farm NFTs. NFT trade is the first cross-chain and blockchain-agnostic NFT platform ever in the metaverse. We are of all NFT marketplaces and host the complete NFT lifecycle.

KaraStar Token 

The KaraStar UMY token fuels the whole KaraStar metaverse. UMY also serves as the foundation of the KaraStar to achieve stability and peace. It can also be used in mining KARA. The UMY is generated every time the creators engage with the game. It is a centralized financial payment network that rebuilds the traditional payment stack on the blockchain.

Easy Exchange You can easily find the trader present on the KUCOIN site, which will have a BTC, ETH price, XLM, and TRX price. All the process is easily done there simply in front, preventing the users from deviating to any other site and bringing the volume down. The KaraStar and Metaverse have a big role in the success of the KUCOIN, and in return, the most advanced features, in a nutshell, both have complementing each other.


The KaraStar has become a platform where the user can enjoy their time as well as earn from the KaraStar, combined with KUCOIN, gives complete access to the users to perform any task, which ranges from playing to withdrawing, which can all be done on KUCOIN. It brings the users new experiences such as creating, selling, and swapping NFTs. You can also convert them into other volatile currencies such as BTC, ETC, and many others. With users increasing day by day, the platform grows and expands to new territories and will keep giving the users what they need.