Is Public Health a Good Pre Med Major?

If you’re interested in the health field and want to do something positive with your life, you may be wondering if public health is the right track for you. A degree in public health is an excellent choice for premed students who enjoy learning about health issues and want to improve the lives of others. Not only does it allow you to get involved in community health projects, but it can also give you valuable skills you can apply in the workforce.

Because public health emphasizes health promotion, it can be a great choice for premed students. It allows you to develop a broad perspective on health issues and explore the various causes of illness. You can also specialize in specific areas such as the relationship between illnesses and environment, or improve health treatment in underprivileged communities. And you can take advantage of internship opportunities in public health to further build your academic profile

Students interested in this field should take liberal arts courses during college. It also allows them to study diverse communities. Moreover, many conditions and diseases affect different populations disproportionately. While these factors may discourage many potential students from studying public health, they do make it possible for them to pursue graduate study in medical schools. In addition, many students who choose this major are passionate about helping others. And in addition, public health can provide them with unique opportunities to explore areas of the medical field that have been largely neglected by physicians.

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