The Difference Between Public Health and Health Policy

There are several important differences between public health policy. While policy is often the result of a decision or initiative made by a public body, law has the potential to be more effective. Public health law enshrined in law can help ensure the compliance of public health policies. Laws governing public health can include both functional and strategic public health policy. The latter can be embodied in law, while the former is more often made into regulations. bundlenews 

Public health policies are often based on values that may differ from those of other groups. For example, the standards of social justice, fairness and equality of opportunity do not always align with those of public health policy. Those policies might put other uses of resources ahead of public health research. But this general consensus in favor of public health research suggests there may be other factors that contribute to its wide support. This article considers the differences between public health policy and suggests three primary types of policy.

Public health policies are a comprehensive response by a government to public health problems. Many states have policies in place to address issues such as contaminated food, smoking, and environmental harm. As new threats emerge, these policies can evolve. But there is one main difference: public health policies focus on prevention and intervention strategies. Policies also aim to improve the quality of life for all members of society. For example, public health policies can improve the quality of life for people living in cities.tunai4d

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