Tips for using GIFs that work like magic

In the next article, some interesting facts that you may not have known about GIFs and which can save your marketing strategies.

We’ve seen them mostly on social networks like Twitter and Facebook, but… we really know what GIFs are? GIFs have recently become popular within the marketing strategies of companies, as they reveal the most emotional side of people, thus creating an immediate bond between client and company.

What are GIFs?

GIFs are a sequence of repeated frames forming an animation without sound. These mini-animations have a maximum of 256 colors.

Please review with us these 5 advantages of using GIFs in Digital Marketing Strategies.

5 Good reasons to include GIFs in your strategy

  • GIFs are animated images but with much less weight than a video, this is one of the reasons why they are more likely to go viral.
  • They generate emotional impact, transmitting ideas on time
  • Its use reinforces the content, for example in infographics
  • They are used by large companies to foster closer ties with their users
  • GIFs are used not only on social networks but also in advertising on websites, blogs, etc.

Some people think that the usability of GIFs is very informal and sends the wrong message to clients, however, contrary to what is thought, its impact proves to be very positive.

After learning about the benefits of using GIFs but still being unsure of their effectiveness, here are a few ideas on how you can use them to your advantag.

21 Tips for the Implementation of GIFs that work extraordinarily

  1. Do you have a website? You can also include small images of your products or services in GIF format, the visual impact will be very remarkable.
  2. It is possible to use a GIF as the main image on your website. You can place a banner with the implementation of a GIF that reinforces its content.
  3. Reinforce your content in a pop-up window, in subscription or contact forms. With the implementation of a GIF, you will encourage the user to read this information before canceling it.
  4. A GIF will grab your customer’s attention quickly so it can also be part of a button. It will exemplify to the user how to go to your website or what steps they must follow to reach their destination.
  5. If you are from YouTube channels, a GIF in the subscription window will help you. A GIF in a subscriber window on YouTube will grab the attention of your potential followers by grabbing their attention immediately.
  6. Tells a story. Your customers would feel more secure knowing for example: How are your products made? , What history does your company have?, or What benefits do they have with you? You can exemplify all this with a beautiful GIF.
  7. Keep your customers informed. If there is any news that you should communicate, for example, a new implementation in any area, be it sales, or even non-business days, a GIF can help you.
  8. Include dynamics with GIFs in your social networks. Thanks to its use, you will keep people’s attention and get them to interact more with your content. They do not have to be very elaborate, the objective of the GIF is to quickly achieve visual impact.
  9. Give answers to your customers on Facebook in a fun way. If you respond on Facebook with a GIF, try to make it just as a complement to your comments.
  10. Facilitate the interaction between you and your customers. Know a little more accurately if your client is satisfied even for example; with the attention that is given throughout the purchase process.
  11. Best way to show your product. Use a striking image of your product in different positions that show its attributes or benefits.
  12. Present a product line. Do not overdo it, remember that a GIF is a mini video that sends a quick message to your client, just choose the most representative photographs or images for it.
  13. They are also a help in times of offers. You can launch an offer with a GIF, this way the content will be clearer.
  14. We all love discounts. Discounts on a product are sometimes for a limited time, adding a GIF you will create a sense of urgency for your client to plan their purchase.
  15. It is friendly to announce events. GIFs can also help you when announcing an upcoming event, remember that it is better if you explain it with little text and more images.
  16. To promote a video with extensive content. You can choose only a part of it and promote it from a GIF. Then leave a link that allows you to see the full video, for example on YouTube.
  17. It makes the Blog content much more interesting and creative.
  18. Some prefer to send GIFs in Emails. The use of them in email should be limited to when the message is informal. An example would be when you invite them to follow your company on social networks or some other channel that you use to communicate with your customers and that you want them to visit.
  19. We all like to be complimented. If you are sending an email congratulating your client on a holiday, which is an informal message, you can complement your content with a GIF. This sends a message to the nearby client.
  20. Interact with your customers by capturing their attention. Sometimes you just need to grab attention with funny or emotional content to make them keep you in mind.
  21. Pictures speak more than a thousand words. A mini-tutorial explaining the use of your product or tips related to your services from a GIF could make life easier for those who see it.

Now you know what GIFs are, their scope and all the help they can give you in your marketing strategies. Do not be afraid to use them, they are an important support that will bring you closeness with your customers.