Top Qualities of a Geneva Quartz Watch

A good watch should offer high-class features at a low price. This means that the manufacturer must carefully control costs. This is done by paying close attention to all elements involved in the manufacturing process. It must also eliminate factors that can cause the price to go up. The geneva quartz watch is known for its high quality at a low price.

Attention to detail

One of the most important aspects of a Geneva quartz watch is the attention to detail. The city of Geneva has long been known for its high-quality watchmaking. Craftsmen in the city faced many challenges due to industrialization and mechanisation. Still, this competition pushed Geneva watchmakers to raise their standards. Today, Geneva watches are sought after for their precision, beauty, and perfection. And you can get this from Alibaba. You can buy from them in bulk for your shop.

In addition to the attention to detail, the watches have a very high quality of construction.  The commission reviews the workmanship of the movements and parts of the watch to ensure they are produced in a high-quality manner. All components and materials must meet specific specifications and be free of defects. The pieces must also be polished and decorated according to the requirements laid out in the regulations.

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The Beauty of Geneva is not just about the style. The watch is also a piece of history.  To find a genuine and authentic Geneva watch, visit Alibaba. This platform is convenient to see and trustworthy. However, it is recommended to visit several stores before settling on a particular piece. It can be challenging to identify the details of a watch unless you have experience with vintage timepieces. However, asking sellers for help and gathering details about the watch you are considering is possible.

Low price

Geneva is a good option if you are looking for a quality, cheap watch. The majority of Geneva watches are priced under $100. However, a few are more expensive, with prices over $1,000. In addition, you can also find watches at prices below $20. For example, a ladies’ Geneva quartz watch from the 1980s can be purchased for as little as $8, while a 14-karat white-gold model with a diamond bezel will set you back $855.


Accuracy is an important factor when purchasing a new watch, and a Geneva quartz watch is no exception. The Swiss manufacturer has made a special effort to ensure the accuracy of this quartz watch by putting it through a stringent testing procedure. These tests, known as cyclotests, are repeated at the Richard Mille factory over the course of 31 days. The watches that pass the cyclotest are awarded a certificate that shows the rate on each day.


We talked about the qualities of a geneva quartz watch here. The Geneva label is applied to the entire watch, including the case and exterior appearance. The whole process of assembly and adjustment is rigorously checked to ensure that it meets Geneva standards. The finished watch is also subjected to a range of tests, including its water resistance and power reserve.

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