Which method of breast augmentation is safe and natural?

Breast augmentation surgery is almost a common practice. Currently, there are many clinics and hospitals that provide this service. Only legal is countless. It does not include illegal clinics that are open to each other.

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Quality and safety are therefore important. So we have some great tips and tricks. Things to know!!! before breast augmentation Come for you to consider for decision making.

1. Preparation ?

like preparing for a general surgery Because breast augmentation is a major surgery. Most of them have to take drugs. Must fast at least 24 hours, the minimum is 6 hours. Most of them will fast after midnight before the surgery day. No rice, no water, and drugs that make it difficult to stop bleeding, such as aspirin. For those who are afraid of breast augmentation surgery. already using inhalation. Take consultation from your fertility specialist and check any restrictions about surgery concerning your fertility treatment.

2. How many types of breast augmentation surgery are there?

1.) Enter the armpit The advantage is that there will be a wound on the necklace of the armpit. no body wound But some say that work requires hands. which will hurt for about 1 week

2.) Through the birthmark, in the past it was done at this point. The advantage is that the surgical incision directly reaches the breast. So it hurts a little but the disadvantage is There are scars around the birthmark.

3.) Through the nipple, the advantage is that the surgical wound is directed directly into the breast. time for a single wound But the disadvantage may be numbness.

4.) Under the breast. The disadvantage is that there will be wounds for life. If some people are keloids, it’s easy to see. Most of the time, this method is done by people who come to fix the chest. Or do it in people who have breast augmentation and have a hard problem.

5.) Through the navel. The advantage is that there is a wound on the edge of the navel, a small wound, but the disadvantage is that it can only be done for people who have breast augmentation with saline. Because the wound is small, it must be folded in. Can’t use silicone

The most popular method is armpit augmentation. because I can’t see the scars. When the wound healed, it was in the chain of the armpit. And if you want to look natural, you have to look at the socket of the patient. If the socket is small but choose a larger silicone size it’s not natural like a narrow room then cram a lot Therefore, it must be put in the right amount. and depending on the nature of the silicone used If using a drop, it’s natural.

3. How old is it to be able to have a face augmentation?

After 17 years, the breasts are fully grown. Like doing nose or eye surgery, you must be 17 years of age or older.

4. Your favorite size and the right size, which one is better?

Breast augmentation will look at the size of the socket. By measuring the diameter from the nipple to the birthmark below, the diameter that should be inserted will let the patient choose himself. But the general average for Thai women is 200-250 cc, that is normal. But if you want to be bigger, 300-350-400 cc, however, you have to look at the size of the outlet as well. If the patient is small The base of the breast is small but wanting to be large, it changes to a tall shape. If the patient has a wide breast base, it must be wide. will look natural

If too big After a long time, His Highness will float on top. not in the middle Nipple-mammary birthmarks are pointing down or pointing up. If it becomes very large, the papaya will float up. And if it’s too big, it can cause back pain.

5. Symptoms after surgery Really hurt like a car hit?

If it is done through the armpit, it will hurt the armpit a bit. and hurts at the enlarged breast But nowadays it doesn’t hurt like it used to. In the past, it hurt like a car hit. but has evolved

6. How long does the recovery period last?

Most of the time, 24 hours. When the patient is beautiful, wants to go home. Rest for 24 hours because after inhaling the drug must rest 24 hours. Because intubation can cause swelling in the airway. After 24 hours, if it’s not swollen, you can go home.

7. How is the fascia from breast augmentation corrected?

fibrosis can occur whether it is a nose job or inserting foreign objects into the body or even body wounds such as appendicitis, the membrane is the hardening of the silicone Most recommend the patient to massage in order to thin the fascia and stick it away so that it can be handled naturally.

8. Why is the silicone broken?

Can break 2 things 1. The patient has an accident or gets hit by sharp objects. Massage over hard, not broken. Most of them hit sharp objects. 2. Before inserting, open the socket and compress the silicone fully, it can be broken without the doctor’s knowledge. But after the fracture will know because the patient will have a burning pain.

9. How to behave after breast augmentation?

After the surgery, the average is about 1 week, I don’t feel pain anymore. After 1 week, I will make an appointment to teach massage. Go back to massage yourself for 6 months and it will be in place. Exercising, going to the gym, running will make your muscles work. will be less fibrous